The Shining

The Shining (1980)
The movie tells of a man who, the leader of the Jack Torrance family, who has just gotten a new job, is going to run a bungalow on a mountain in winter. The apartment will be open periodically and will be closed every winter. However, there must still be someone waiting to take care of the apartment at that time. And Torrance took over this role. Along with bringing his wife and one child to accompany. At first, everything looked happy. Because, just like the whole service apartment is theirs. I want to do anything, but then horrors begin to happen. It started with Torrance’s son with a special touch. And threatening until the end, resulting in horrors that no one expected to meet.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
The story of five friends who started their journey at an abandoned cabin in the middle of the forest. But then, what they had to face was a difficult Satan. Along with a secret that no one could imagine As it was true that those horrors Perhaps it is something that a certain group of people has commanded!
Do not tell me a lot. For this point Need to look familiar The movie is guaranteed to go further than we expected. Go as far as there are, haha, if you can guess at the end It is very good.

Maniac (2012)
The remake is based on the classic 1980 horror film that returns with an eye-catching presentation idea. Until I almost smelled a fishy smell of blood pouring outside the screen.
If in the past you had a feeling that Hand-held camera angle The ultimate in realism, Maniac remake will take you to thrive and experience even more realism than that. By providing the audience with the opportunity to experience being a villain from the applied point of view camera angle (instead of the eyes). Chasing since peeking and looking before action Including sneaking away
The film takes Elijah Wood to play the role of a terrible villain in a story that travels to kill and scalp a woman. But we will see his face Only when looking at the mirror, huh in the reflection

Afflicted (2013)
Derek Lee and Clive shine, two friends and partners who set their hearts on a journey around the world. Before their tour comes to a halt in Paris when Lee is attacked by a young woman in a hotel, followed by an anomaly of herself. When he began to have supernatural powers Can sport high jump Runs fast, not being human Or destroy the wall of concrete cement Casual style, just like a super hero. But it was not a great blessing to be given for free, for he had to exchange with a terrible act of unmistakable strange symptoms. Only knew that he had longed for new blood from the living to stop the symptoms already mentioned.